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rag design challenge

We designed TANTUVI rugs inspired by colorful dresses of Indian women performing traditional #dance which is common especially to Rajasthani region.

Many of them also are artisans who dedicate time to weaving on vertical looms.

We decided to choose colors that would celebrate the theme of dance to bring harmony and vibrancy to our everyday life.

This is a collaboration between Hamid Shahi & Runa Takeuchi for
  TANTUVI part of design challenge  tantuviathome


This time, I designed the rug, inspired by the traditional colorful dresses (dancing costumes) from the Rajasthan region of India.

We talked, shared inspiration, and chose a dance-themed color that would bring harmony and dynamism to our everyday space.

This is the first collaboration between Hamid Shahi and Runa Takeuchi.

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