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Textile Design


Runa Takeuchi Solo Exhibition
"Composition, Structure and Monologue"
Composition / Structure --Monologue

"Composition and structure

  And the monologue "

Runa Takeuchi 1st Solo Exhibition  

Schedule: November 20th (Friday) to 23rd (Monday), 2020

Location: Sta. @ Sta.official  11-7 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Photo: Sayuri Murooka

In March 2020, the graduation production exhibition at Spiral was canceled, and I was feeling regrettable.

Sta. Https:// for seeing the thoughts and photos of the work  Mr. Nakumo,

This is my first solo exhibition.

It was an important opportunity for me to record myself.


My work has been for the past four years, only four years, but with a lot of thought about textiles,

And it is the content of my research that I have faced purely with textiles.

It is a pure cloth whose final form is undecided.

That's why there are parts that can't be expressed in a single word, and the texture and processing of the material can only be understood by actually seeing and touching it.


Although Sta.'S gallery is a small space, it shows the textiles I created and their textures very well in contrast to the soft concrete texture.


And this time, with the final work

We have published a summary of the research process so that people can see it for the first time.

There is also a space where you can see the scenery of the production, such as an atelier, with the books you put together, photos, studies, etc.

I hope you experienced it.


Everyone who came this time despite the social situation like this,

Thank you very much to Sayuri-chan for shooting the work and her family for supporting me.

And above all, I am grateful to Mr. Nagumo for giving me this opportunity.


I will continue to learn a lot about all kinds of designs, make further efforts, and aim for new developments within myself.

Thank you for your continued support.




Sponsorship (material provision) 

Asada Mesh Co., Ltd.

Toray Industries, Inc.

It is posted on the website of Tama Art University Textile Design Department.

The state of the exhibition was posted on Toray Ultra Suede's WEB.

​@ 2022 Runa Takeuchi, All rights reserved.

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