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​Cafe table and cloth exhibition

Tama Art University Cloth Study Group


"Cafe table and cloth exhibition"

2018.5.3 --5.5

Exhibition greetings


I was interested in the cafe that I usually use casually.

A cafe is a place that can be used by various people, and a table is also a place where you can own your own space. I thought that the cafe was, so to speak, a collection of personal spaces.


One of our research activities is "size research". By investigating the size of the tables of more than 30 stores in the city's "cafe table", I deepened my understanding of the movements of the users and the time and space provided with the tables.


Based on the results of this survey, the Tama Art University Cloth Study Group considered "textiles that make the time at the cafe comfortable", and the works of 5 people and the drawings of the cafe table (top, side, 3 individual points). Was exhibited.

We would like to receive criticism from everyone and use it for future research activities.

We hope that all of you who come today will feel something about the possibilities of design in your daily life through this special exhibition.


Asami Uchida / Mayuko Tokiwa / Moe Sonobe / Runa Takeuchi / Anju Mori

Professor Dai Fujiwara, Tama Art University


Special exhibition venue: Daikanyama ASANTIQUES GALLERY

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