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Graphic Design


Exhibition "Material Design Cooking"
TORAY × Tama Art University
2021.8.24 --9.18

Tama Art University TUB 5th Exhibition

"Material Design Cooking-Toray Industries, Inc. x Tama Art University"

Search for materials for Ultra Suede® ~ "

An exhibition was held at TUB, a material research project of Toray Industries, Inc. and Tama Art University, Tokyo Midtown Design Hub.

In addition to exhibiting works, I was invited by Professor Yasuji Tomi, who majors in product design, to participate in exhibition planning (exhibition graphic production and exhibition composition).

It is a state of the exhibition, a recorded photograph.


Date: 2021.8.24 --28, 9.6 --18 Closed on Sundays: 11:00 --18:00 Free admission Hall: Tama Art University TUB
Midtown Tower 5F (inside Tokyo Midtown Design Hub)
Hosted by: Tama Art University CMTEL
Sponsor: Toray Industries, Inc.

Featured in AXIS web magazine

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