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Textile Design


Textile Design


Composition and structure 
Composition / Structure

Tama Art University, Department of Production Design, Department of Textile Design, Graduation Work 2020

Tama Art Univ. Textile Design Graduation Works 2020


I thought about cloth from the viewpoint of "shape". Cloth is a three-dimensional object that has a structure even if it is thin, and has the flexible property of changing its shape along something. All nine of these are linked to the surface design and structure of each. The composition seen from a flat state and the structure that is conscious of the air as a three-dimensional object. From a plane to a solid. Shows a change from a solid to a plane. I think that the greatest attraction of cloth is that it is always flexible in the flowing time and space.

I considered cloth from the perspective of “shape.” 

Cloth is not only thin and superficial but also a three-dimensional object having composition.

Also, it is so flexible that changes its shape along everything.

It has unique composition of the surface seen from a flat state and structure that would be solid by taking in the air. It changes from flat to solid, solid to flat. I think the best attraction of cloth is being flexible in flowing time and space. ..

This work was selected for Tama Art University Graduation Works Excellent Works 2020.

This work was selected for the "Minogashi Graduation Exhibition" held at the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub and was exhibited.

This work is an online interior design magazine.

It was published in "IDREIT".

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