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BALSAN carpet design
"Dare e your dream Project"

This project was a joint research between French carpet maker Balsan and the Department of Textile Design, Tama Art University , to create an original carpet design.

Inspired by Japanese culture, I created the design.

You can actually buy this carpet. Please contact us for more information.


Design background


​ In expressing things, when something can't be completely expressed, the Japanese express it with silence. Imperfect beauty makes use of blank space. We perceive this blank space as a gap between things. Imade this aesthetic sense of the Japanese my theme. The motif for the design is Hiragana, one of the syllabary unique to the Japanese language.

All of the letters of Hiragana are composed of curved lines that give a delicate rounded impression. I particularly focused on the three characteristic strokes Tome (full of stop the end of a line), Hane (curving the end of a line up slightly to the) left or light), and Harai (tapering the bottom of a line) and applied this to the form of a design. By creating a composition that makes the flooring material seem to be flowing through the space, it is in constant transition, leaving a lingering effect.

This certainly expresses impermanence.

Design background / concept


When expressing things, when they cannot be completely expressed, the Japanese express them with a margin.

Margins enhance imperfect beauty. We recognize this void as a space between things.

The theme is this Japanese aesthetic sense.

The design motif is "Hiragana", which is one of the unique characters in Japanese.

All hiragana sculptures are made up of curved lines, giving the impression of being delicately rounded.

In particular, the three distinctive shapes of "stop, splash, and harai" have been incorporated into the design.

When used as a flooring material in a space, it always looks fluid and leaves a lingering finish by creating a flowing composition. Indeed, this represents impermanence.

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