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Textile Design


Silkscreen printing

"the Calla LiLy"

Production of print fabric by hand printing.

With the motif of a flower called color, the pattern is designed to create a stronger impression than when viewed as a single picture. When used as a part of clothing or interior, a part of the large pattern is cut off, giving a new look.

One Piece is a collaborative work in which the shape of clothes was designed based on the idea of fabric, and Mayuko Tokiwa was asked to draw a pattern and sew and produce it.

pattern design --concept

It's simple and somehow sophisticated.

However, Calla Li Ly has a unique and impressive image.

By drawing out the characteristics of the form and boldly continuing it, a new powerful and beautiful form is born.


Technique: Silk screen printing (hand printing)

Material: Cotton broad

Size: 3 meters



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