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​Textile Design


​Textile Design


​Composition / Structure

多摩美術大学生産デザイン学科テキスタイルデザイン専攻 卒業制作作品 2020

Tama Art Univ. Textile Design Graduation Works 2020












I considered cloth from the perspective of “shape.” 

Cloth is not only thin and superficial but also a three-dimensional object having composition.

Also, it is so flexible that changes its shape along everything.

It has unique composition of the surface seen from a flat state and structure that would be solid by taking in the air. It changes from flat to solid, solid to flat. I think the best attraction of cloth is being flexible in flowing time and space.


Based on this idea, in this work, we created nine types of cloth that link the design and structure of the surface.

Silk screen printing, cutting, foil printing, bonding, pressing, foaming ... I have produced a large number of test samples for various techniques and materials, and combinations of colors and patterns.


Then, I researched the most compatible and effective technique and pattern design by making full use of the characteristics of the material, using the theme composition (color / pattern arrangement) and structure (Cloth processing method).


From this work and my research, I hope that you can feel the new expression and many possibilities of "cloth" that blends into everyone's life and is used without paying particular attention in everyday life.

■多摩美術大学 卒業制作優秀作品集2020に選出されました。



■オンタリオ州立芸術大学(OCAD)の大学院でキュレーションプログラム(the Criticism and Curatorial Practice Program at Ontario College of Art & Design University )を専攻するRenee Geさんにお声かけいただき、
オンライン展覧会「SensingTexture:Exploring Senses and Affect Through EastAsianArtandFashion」に出展させていただきました。

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